In a recent article from the Guardian (src: it was determined that a lot of slow NBN performance was up to the modems being sold to customers.

Unfortunately a lot of providers are trying to cut corners when trying to get you onto the NBN.  This allows them to pad their pricing a bit more by selling network routers or wireless routers that are low cost, but not of benefit to the customer.

We believe that you want to experience the best of the NBN.  Therefore we rely on the Netcomm range of devices.  Just like MVAD Telco, Netcomm is an Australian-based company with its roots firmly planted locally.  They provide great NBN modems and wireless devices and they have our stamp of approval.

When ordering a NBN connection we can supply you with a Netcomm modem that is pre-configured.  Even better, we can provide you with free installation when you sign-up to one of our 24 month plans.

Get in contact with our friendly team today to get you up and running with with MVAD Telco NBN.


Not all NBN modems perform the same.”
MVAD Telco Team